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Injecting Advice

Whats this site about

Who runs it, why they do it, and who is it aimed at?
Injecting Advice has been running since Febuary 2007, it offers support and advice to people working in harm reduction services (especially needle programmes) and to people who inject drugs.

What is harm reduction?

Harm Reduction is (in this context) a pragmatic approach to drug use that aims to meet users where they are. This involves giving advice to improve the health situation of the individual without forcing the need for change. This doesn’t mean not trying to help people stop using drugs it just means that the focus is on working with the immediate issues as a priority (eg overdose interventions, wound care etc… you know.. the stuff that helps people stay alive). You can find out more about harm reduction on the website of Harm Reduction International.

Who runs injecting advice?

Injecting Advice is a personal project by me, Nigel Brunsdon. I started the site when I was working in frontline drug services in the UK both as a needle programme worker, as a manager of drug services and as a harm reduction trainer.

These days I have a number of roles, my day job is working for HIT (we produce harm reduction information, deliver training and run the best drugs conference in the UK), I’m a photographer focusing on drugs activism and, of course, I’m still designing websites.

Who pays for it?

Mainly me. Over the years I’ve occasionally had some level of banner advertising on the site, but at the moment the only thing paying the bills are some tshirt sales. However I’d be happy to return to having advertising at some point… if you want to support this work and you have something harm reduction related you want promoting let me know.

Training & Consultancy

Also Available for public speaking
Nigel Brunsdon has been delivering harm reduction focused training for over a decade to some of the biggest drug service providors in the UK. All courses are focused on practical skills and can be delivered to delegates at any existing knowledge level.